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Re: Adventurer elevaton to Nobility adjustment
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I remember I got some easy recommendations by repairing Unique Items. While I had an Advy for a long time and a long time back (Before equipment changes), I remember getting a recommendation from selling an Unique Item, then getting an Unique Item back to repair, which I sold to another Noble in another Realm for another recommendation. While it's pretty dangerous to do, you can get some recommendations pretty quick like that. But I guess it's a risk-reward thing.
Hmm, I have adventurer on EC island previously and recently I have a new adventurer on Atamara island. To draw a comparison between islands and maybe the realms where my adventurers are at. Hope my feedback below help.

East Continent island
My character Brock started in Fontan realm. Repairing Unique Items and creating new Unique Items easily gain him enough Recommendations to rise up to become Noble. If I am not mistaken, at that time, only 2 or 3 Recommendations were required. He was beaten by Nobles to a pulp on the streets, thrown into his own realm prison. All for breaking Nobles Unique Items that he could not repair in time. Most of the time Items damage percentage was already very high. As he lacked one last Recommendation to become a Noble, he was helping other realm to repair an Unique Item. Unfortunately the other realm Unique Item also lost to damage time. Finally I had an idea to go and create another new Unique Item to replace the other realm Noble lost Unique Item.

Atamara island
My character Oak started in Minas Ithil realm. He still an adventurer today but with only one Recommendation for creating an Unique Item which he sold to MI realm. Although he has found many Unique Items, seems MI realm does not have gold to purchase them :D
And so he left MI to join Darka realm, the richest realm that can offer him gold and perhaps Recommendation :P
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