Author Topic: Adventurer elevaton to Nobility adjustment  (Read 4155 times)


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Re: Adventurer elevaton to Nobility adjustment
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1-2 months definitely less than 3, fairly fast in the wide scope of things by selling and repairing unique items and that was delayed due to a noble not knowing how to give a recommendation.

I once found three unique items in less than a month.

Then they were all stolen when I got caught in a monster prison on Beluaterra.

Then it took me six months to find another set of three... :-(

Overall, I would say it's not overly hard to find three uniques. It's long, and it's risky, but if you are prepared for that you can achieve it, and skill does not enter the equation much.

Whether you will get recommendations out of these three uniques is a completely different questions.

After all it's a roleplaying game.