Author Topic: Kabrinskia Realm Merger  (Read 12202 times)


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Re: Kabrinskia Realm Merger
« Reply #15: November 12, 2012, 11:25:21 PM »
The messages we have about this issue are:

and the one spoken about by Dante is:

Hope this helps. This shows that Allison had already discussed this with them.
From a ruler stand point, you want to make everything sound planned as it sounds bad to say it wasn't, so he was replying IC not with the truth, as he was merely doing IC propaganda.

Also, I would like to suggest that on the secession page it states this bug in bold, red, and made big so that those who think about seceding know about this people can't say I didn't know. Ban previously said that how is the forum not the best place to announce this, as the certain people like to point out at times, those on the forum are the minority, not the majority. Important announcements should be made on the game, be it through the announcements, a short OOC message sent to everyone, or a message  put on the page, in the game is where the important announcements should be made.
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