Author Topic: Kabrinskia Realm Merger  (Read 12441 times)


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Re: Kabrinskia Realm Merger
« Reply #15: November 13, 2012, 01:17:58 AM »
As I'm quite sure was mentioned in the earlier threads on this subject:

It was impossible. Then we rewrote the code that handles this stuff from scratch due to a completely new hierarchy system and the Doctrine transition. This check was lost in translation somehow.

Since the earlier instances, the dev team has not had the time and energy to dive into this code and fix the bug.

If you're still sore about it, go become a PHP super-whiz so you can join the dev team and fix every single bug in BattleMaster before any player could possibly find it. Based on your tone in this and many other posts, I'm quite sure you're just super-mega-awesome enough to do that in no time flat, right?

If there really isn't time to fix it, then a band-aid solution of letting everyone who saw the events know it wasn't okay would be in order. Instead, everyone saw the Solaria merger, and no visible consequences came out of it for those who don't follow the magistrates' subforum.
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