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Re: Kabrinskia Realm Merger
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The messages we have about this issue are:
Letter from Allison Kabrinski   (23 hours, 46 minutes ago)
Message sent to everyone in your realm (18 recipients)
If Brom doesnt remove the ban or if we dont protest him out of office I will join the Duchy to another realm to save my seat. Astrum and Dhara have said they would accept me.

I encourage you all to continue the protests
Allison Kabrinski
Duchess of the Maddening Star
Margravine of Golden Farrow
Priestess of Sanguis Astroism

As an aside, D'Hara's ruler (after myself and other lords pointed out the rule violation) told Allison she could not join D'Hara. I'm not sure if our ruler pointed out the rule violation or if he kept his communication IC.