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If you have a specific SMF mod that you suggest I install, please post it here together with a short reason why and what it would add to the forum. No unspecific feature requests, open up individual threads for those - this is for specific SMF mods that already exist and that you can point to.

Some ideas:

Posting Related

* Multi Quote Mod - Allows for cross-board quote linking, which is the sort of thing that would prove useful in OOC discussions or for referring to material.
* Remove images from quotes - Prevents "quote trains" of posts containing large images.
* Spoiler BBC functionality (or this alternative) - Always useful for compressing large blocks of text into easy-to-read sections, offer others a chance not to read something, or to hide large images in a thread to speed up page rendering.
* Auto merge double posts - Prevents users from doubleposting.
* BCC functionality in PM's - For those diplomatic discussions.
* Resize large images - Resizes images in posts based on screen size. (SMF might actually have this functionality already...)
* Toggle image embedding - Allows users to choose between embedded images or only links to images.
* View single posts - Allows linking to single posts (like Giant in the Playground).
* Embedded Youtube Videos - Allows users to embed youtube videos into posts via BBC.

* Ban link for mods in posts
* DNS Blocklist functionality
* Permission based BBC functionality

* Clicking avatar takes you to user profile

View Single Post added, the others are either not yet available for this version (RC4+patch) or I don't deem them necessary at this time.


This extension will hide IG spoilers.


--- Quote from: egamma on September 21, 2011, 03:15:05 AM ---

This extension will hide IG spoilers.

--- End quote ---

do we have any?


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