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Extra Taxes and Audits
« Topic Start: November 20, 2012, 04:25:32 PM »
Title: Extra Taxes and Audits

Summary: A simple system which gives lords the ability to cheat on their taxes and bankers the ability to find out about it.

Details: A while back there was an "Extra Taxes" feature. Unfortunately the feature never worked but the idea was lords could ask for an "extra tax" which was essentially skimming off the top, putting tax gold strait into their pocket without giving a percentage to the realm.

If this could be made into a working feature, an additional feature could be added, the banker would have the new command ability "Audit". This ability could be used only once a day on a single region lord to find out if they have been skimming off the top and by how much. Realms could choose whether or not skimming off the top is illegal and how much is acceptable. If lords are found violating these laws it could be cause for fines, court cases ect.

Benefits: Creates new opportunities to roleplay greed and corruption. Gives Bankers more to do and will generate more litigation which gives the realm Judge more to do.

Possible Exploits: A corrupt banker could lie about lords skimming off the top. However this is more of an additional complexity then an exploit since a Lord could claim innocence leaving it up to the Judge to decide.


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Re: Extra Taxes and Audits
« Reply #1: November 20, 2012, 08:09:05 PM »
Rejected at this point in time. We have way too many open bugs and TODOs to consider adding minor features for at least half a year.