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The Blinding Ritual.
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Alice was elated by Brantley's sudden burst of confidence. The gods had chosen right when they chose Brantley, she thought to herself. But her mood changed when the thought of her own sacrifice came to mind. Brantley was still in high spirits, and she was fearful of bringing him down. But there was no choice to be had, and she had to press on. She waved her hand half-reluctantly, gesturing two acolytes hidden in the shadows to reveal themselves.

As they approached Alice, she began to speak, "Vicar Brantley, I beseech you to maintain your composure for what I am about to do."

When they reached her, they turned her round towards the glass windows, and gently forced her to her knees. Outside, the sun's colors sketched the sky, with beautiful streaks of pink, red, and orange; a clear sign that it would rise in a matter of minutes.

Alice continued, "I remember when I was just seventeen, riding my horse through the plains of Nid Tek. I was headed to Luria Vesperi to establish a new life: the old one destroyed by brothers and sisters of our once great kingdom. On my journey, I witnessed atrocities that transcended the mere expectations of war. Solarian and Luria Novan soldiers were jointly burning Pianese houses to the ground, butchering innocent farmers and villagers, while raping men, women, and children without remorse. I vowed that I would never participate in mans wars, and that I would kill King Tybalt, Duke Fulco, and Arbiter Malus righteously for their crimes. Only time offered me some peace of mind, the Gods their blessing, and for a while I was forgiving towards those I swore vengeance upon. Everything changed, however, when I met my future husband, Hendrick Madigan."

One of the acolytes stood by the window and carefully calculated the sun's progression, nodding to his partner. His partner nodded in return, and carried on to bind Alice's hands and feet. Both of them then looked to Alice for final approval, before proceeding any further.

"I - I witnessed terrible things. I saw a man fall victim to damnation and corruption so severe the underlords were repulsed by his actions. The Void would have nothing to do with him because his pure evil matched the Void's pure chaos. Yet he still loved me - he loved me so much that I became the fixture of his madness, the victim of his indulgences and abuse. He has changed since, but his actions still linger with me to this day."

Alice looked to both acolytes and nodded decisively. The first proceeded to firmly force her eyes open, gripping her tightly for control. The other retrieved a vial of orange sap from his robe and opened it.

"What I have seen has become my identity. My sacrifice then to the gods is that which sees, so I may truly achieve enlightenment."

The acolyte behind her titled her head back with his grip, allowing the other to dab one drop of sap in each eye. Immediately, Alice cried out in agony as the liquid burned the surface of her eyes. She struggled vehemently and tried prying her way out from her captor's grasp. But as the sun appeared in the sky above, Alice suddenly froze in place. Her nerves overloaded and paralyzed her: her body perfectly still like a stone statue. Her face was carved with the expression of overwhelming pain, agony, suffering, torture, and death, until she broke free with a deafening scream. She did so incessantly at the top of her lungs as she let out all her pain in one awe defining screech. The acolytes unbound her quickly and let her drop to the floor, away from the sun's divine punishment. She remained there, still and motionless, blind to the world around her.
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