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Re: This should not happen
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The page is locked so I can't edit it myself.

Here's my suggestion:

Strike through mean's remove, bold means ad.

How to Act

How should someone in a position of power treat these rights? By acknowledging and moving on. Almost all long-winded texts are just sophisticated attempts to circumvent them. The basic rule is: Just shut up and stay 100 feet away from any and all inalienable rights, no matter how well-meaning you are. If you're thinking of doing anything that can remotely be construed as discouraging a player or group of players from exercising their inalienable rights, don't do it. Some of the worst events of both human history and in BattleMaster were done by people with good intentions.

If there's a tournament, don't point out how important it is not to go - just shut up. If you would like more traders in your realm, mention to the realm what a fine profession trading is and how great it is to travel around earning gold. Don't lament to the realm and don't make threats or imply threats if you don't get your way. Come up with a solution, that's your job as ruler or banker.