Author Topic: Church of Sartan electing a new leader  (Read 14202 times)


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Re: Church of Sartan electing a new leader
« Reply #30: January 19, 2013, 01:51:19 AM »
Because war and provocation seems to be working out so well for you guys?

I'm going to put this simply, in an effort to have you understand: The god of war. THE god of war. The GOD of war. The god of WAR. THE GOD OF WAR.

Aeneas (and Selene behind him) was trying to argue that pacifism was the better road to follow, as to assure our survival. Caspius argued that we should have war and provocation, so we could make our god, who coincidentally is the god of war, happy.

Not every decision has to be practical or pragmatic. Things can get really slow, lame, and boring when that's about the only agenda you follow.
The adherents of different religions in a realm should compete for power, influence, and fresh converts. They don't even have to be killing each other to do so. I wish people promoted the prosperity of their religions the same way they promoted the growth and prosperity of their realms. - Geronus