Author Topic: Stealth mode for unitless infiltraitors  (Read 17211 times)


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Re: Stealth mode for unitless infiltraitors
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Not everybody does just against people they are at war with.

But that's the best time to do it.

No!  They fight pirates.


While I like the idea presented for the current type of infiltrator, I too would prefer it palhased into a type of spymaster role.

If we do that maybe the current infiltrator abilities should become part of an adventurer class.

eh... no. they gather info.

I've read several books and papers about this and attended lectures.

Most of the information gathering a Ninja would do was little more then standard scouting.

The most effect use of ninjas was to have them infiltrate a besieged castle wearing the uniforms of the defending force then proceed to set fire to everything in sight making it appear that there's a rebellion in the ranks. Once the castle is in a sufficient state of chaos the besieging army would attack.

Ninja were also used to harass army camps depriving the soldiers of sleep and generally hurting moral (new infiltrator ability?)

Ninjas as assassins is their least effective use. There are actually no documented cases of Ninja successfully assassinating any prominent Daimyo or Samurai.
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