Author Topic: Stealth mode for unitless infiltraitors  (Read 16986 times)


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Re: Stealth mode for unitless infiltraitors
« Reply #45: January 11, 2013, 05:56:34 AM »
My understanding was that Infiltrators were NOT meant to be modeled after Ninja.

Half the problem, in my opinion, is in the name. When I see Infiltrator I think of using stealth to get where I should not be. Stealth has largely been removed from the class. Sure, in theory, the Infiltrator is being stealthy as he goes from his camp/lodging within a region to the location of his target withing that same region and back. The problem is that it really does not sound much more stealthy than when a troop loots the tax office. In both cases you have to be the region and everyone can see you are.

I personally love the idea of adventurers being able to pick up some of the cloak and dagger pieces from the old Infiltrator class. As a subclass perhaps. One argument against thee old Infiltrator class was that no noble would ever act in such a way. An Adventurer would I think.

I also like the idea of the spymaster focus for the noble. I have a hard time imagining the mechanics but it sure sounds cool!