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Re: Semantic Lists only partially working
« Topic Start: January 09, 2013, 04:47:04 AM »
The out of date data is due to the (poor) interaction of the external data feed and the semantic wiki. Long story short: They don't play together well. I had been manually starting a semantic update every few days for quite a while, but stopped early last year when life got crazy... I started one now. Maybe I can remember to do one every now and then. This is why the various realm pages are showing out of date information.

The Economy portion of the Region pages is, at the moment, irrelevant. It is a partially implemented system that never made it into actual use. It is there now just for flavor text, I suppose.
So the realm page should be updated or at least it will soonish? As to the economy portion, I know that courtiers can read that text and though it may only be flavor text it is also good for RP, plus what's so bad about flavor text? Lastly related to the economy portion, what was it originally supposed to do?

Edit: Weirdly enough the realm council page does update automatically which is surprising considering what you said.
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