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Re: New character help (Looking for a realm)
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Definately join Ohnar West. We're the underdog in the region, not afraid to stand up for ourselves against  bullies like Arcaea and Sorraine or Coralynth. Last war, we humiliated the superior forces of Sorraine, getting as many regions as them. If there is a war, its almost guaranteed we'll be in it... Plus we have a cool religion, and are fighting to survive every minute. We need knights, and we are liberal in sharing our gold.

A summary of our last war-

Sorraine surrenders to Ohnar West

In a dramatic, yet not unexpected move, Queen Arianne of Sorraine was forced to eat humble pie, surrendering all Sartanian claims to Ohnarian territory, including ceding their claims to Hosiel, Upasael, and Abilotiel to Ohnar.

The war, started by Queen Mathilda of Sorraine to wipe Ohnar off the map, and destroy the Way of the Dragon, wasn't expected to last very long, owing to the vast gold and military reserves of the three duchy Sorraine. However, the nobles of Ohnar doggedly opposed the invasion forces, mobilising their poor city and three rural regions, crushing the invading zealots in all but one military encounter.

Within less than a month and a half after the declaration of war, Ohnar forced Sorraine to the negotiating table, having taken Abilotiel, Upasael and Hosiel, and laid waste to Arempos and Anaos, deep behind Sorrainian lines. With their regions starving and in disrepair, their armies defeated, and will broken, the Sartanians finally accepted peace. Queen Mathilda was learnt to have fled in shame following news of the Sorrainian collapse, as had the Crown Prince and general, Henzo.

Ohnar West, though it had been threatened with destruction, death and torture by Sorraine, took the high road, offering generous terms of peace to Sorraine, to maintain a balance of power between the two realms at two cities each. Prideful Sorraine, to forestall this however, sold their sovereignty to Velax, joining the Arcaean Empire, trying to pull Arcaea into the conflict. Finally, Sorraine agreed to cede Ossaet and Semon should they commit further aggression against Ohnar, and end their religious persecution against the Way of the Dragon, bringing an end to the War of Sartanian Dominion over Sasrhas.

Peace has settled once more upon the Far East, but the question of how long the Sartanians will accept being under the command and heel of a "heathen" as members of the Arcaean Empire looms large ahead.

We should have more conflict going very soon.
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