Author Topic: Margrave of Capital asks all priests to change class  (Read 5453 times)


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Thank you for confirming that, my memory on these things is not always reliable :)

With that, though, I fear you lose a great deal of credibility in any specific disagreement with a punishment for violation of the IRs.
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A lock for a few days isn't the end of the world. As far as I know, you don't lose your position or anything as a result. Far harsher punishments for far less have been given before the Magistrate system came to be.

This is correct.

You agree to play by the IRs when you created your account. They aren't really negotiable.

As for their interpretation, we go with what was historically done, as I think most of us, if not all, have been playing enough years to see quite a few violations, both up close and afar.

As for the length, well... the message was a very clear-cut violation. If you look up other cases, where doubt was present, they have dragged on far longer, too long according to many.


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I encourage everyone to speak their mind whenever they want or feel the need. Just do it politely.
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This thread has served its purpose and so I am locking it. The Magistrates enforce the Rules as they understand them. Please note that for most of us, the Rules have been around longer than we have. We interpret them based on the precedents that we have all seen as long time players. If you disagree, take it up directly with Tom. He's the one who wrote the rules.

If anyone has feedback about the Magistrate system in particular or the rules in general, please open a new thread in the Courthouse Q & A board.


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Verdict reposted here.

A verdict has been reached, and necessary IG enforcement actions have been taken. For anyone who desires to cite this case in the future, the final verdict was:

"The Magistrates find that the player of Actrial did violate the Inalienable Rights in requesting that nobles change class away from the priest class. There are no grey areas or extenuating circumstances. When it comes to inalienable rights, "requests" are the same as orders.

Magistrates voted 9-0 in favor of the guilty verdict, with 1 in favor of a warning, 1 in favor of a 1-day lock, 3 in favor of a 2-day lock, and 4 in favor of a 3-day lock. A 3-day lock has been applied."

This thread is now locked.
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