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Planetside 2
« Topic Start: March 14, 2013, 02:31:31 PM »
Anyone playing this on the EU servers?

I'm so-so on it right now after a few hours. I really like the concept of large-scale warfare, 32vs32 battles were pretty much the primary reason I loved Tribes 2.

What I dislike so far is that you are incredibly squishy, in the heat of battle you'll often die within fractions of a second, with no idea who killed you from where. I mean yeah, you get a name or something, but more often then not I simply don't know what mistake I made to get me killed, which angle or hidden sniper spot I missed to watch for, and that's frustrating.

And the cert points. This is why I stopped playing Tribes: Ascend, because after a short while it just takes a ridiculous amount of playing to get new weapons. I've earned about 60-70 cert points in a couple hours of playing and that's not gonna make me happy seeing as most of the weapons cost several hundred. That's just crazy. Whatever happened to games where you don't have to unlock your socks and shoes for two hours before you can leave the house?


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Re: Planetside 2
« Reply #1: March 14, 2013, 03:53:06 PM »
I pretty much enjoyed it, though haven't played it lately. There can be 'dead' moments in the game which is very frustrating (No opponents, waiting for territory to switch while there is no opposition etc.). And sometimes there are so many players playing that you are just jumping into the grinder (Oh god, The Crown). I found it difficult at times to find the right hotspots of action which just adds up to the amount of dead moments where you just run around aimlessly or have 1v1's. You get better at it as you go though. That said, if you do hit that sweet spot, you can have an awesome offence / defence game trying to take out / keep up the shields and capture / defend territory. It's not just one spot you need to capture, there's lots of smaller targets you can go for as well in each area, which makes it a lot of fun.

It's a lot of dying in the beginning, but you'll get better at it and figure out how to handle pesky Infiltrators. I was very bad my first day as well like this, but I got the hang of it pretty quick afterwards and saw a big jump in how I did in a few days. So give it a few days and you'll find yourself being a lot more useful then just a meatshield (Which will also help with your Cert gathering). I can still die very easy now, but it's offset with the fact I can as easily have a killstreak ongoing if things go right.

I play a Vanu Heavy Assault and swear by the class. I unlocked a better gun and it's very versatile and can be used on various different ranges. With the accuracy boost, I can even take care of snipers if they aren't too far away, especially if they aren't aiming at me, making them a whole lot less frustrating. I'm a strong force on close-range as well with my Shields and Shield Boost ability. I wouldn't want to play the other classes, they feel very flimsy to me (even the MAX units, while very tough, are just very slow). Cloaked Infiltrators are amusingly easy to spot once you know what to look for, so they can only use it when you're distracted to sneak past you (I got a heat sensor add-on on my gun, making everyone white and allowing me to see cloaked Infiltrators, which is absolutely fantastic, especially during the night) Don't forget to spam the Spot button, it lets you find people as well.

For the Certs: I totally agree with that one though. While I got a fully upgraded gun, I'm nowhere near upgraded with the rest, and I only managed that through a double-exp weekend. It's a bore to grind, and I can't even think about unlocking the 1000 cert guns. You can, however, test most guns for I think an hour or so. Had a lot of fun temporarily unlocking my aircraft-locking rocket launcher without paying anything for it. But yes, it gets very boring very quick to gather them. And it gets same old same old. I stopped playing it as I had no friends playing it, and I just didn't feel like having long play sessions as it can take a while to find a good spot to get fighting.


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Re: Planetside 2
« Reply #2: March 14, 2013, 08:44:58 PM »
(Oh god, The Crown)

Damn it TR! Why do you love that place so much!?

I played the original Planetside and played most of the beta and then a few months of release for PS2, but I stopped playing since I wasn't a fan of what they'd changed from PS1.

I played in a fairly large outfit (Immortal Serial Killers) and was regularly leading 30+ people a night before I stopped playing; I think that's definitely how you can get the most fun out of the game. You don't have to be leading people, but playing in a large outfit with everyone on Teamspeak (or your choice of VOIP software) is the way to go.

I played Vanu medic, which is probably a class you'd only want to play in a team as randomers (lovingly named "the zerg") are idiots and don't stay dead for you to revive them, or still enough for you to heal them, meaning you end up pretty useless in a fight.

For just starting out I'd suggest going for Light Assault. The jetpacks make things a lot easier and since you'll be dying a lot anyway, the lack of armour isn't a massive disadvantage. I'd also suggest certing into your Empire Specific Fighter to bring down the respawn time a little and get better weapons for it because: 1) It helps you get around the map, 2) dogfights are very fun and 3) you can farm quite easily to get a decent amount of experience.

As for getting new weapons, whilst I was playing I felt it wasn't necessary. I didn't upgrade my medic weapon and never had a problem getting a decent kill:death ratio (if that's what you're into). However since I've not played in a while I'm not sure if they've changed the weapons much now so that you have to get new ones or risk being at a disadvantage.


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Re: Planetside 2
« Reply #3: April 05, 2013, 04:28:56 AM »
I play on Briggs BR50 3.5 KD

Correct way to play for best score and KD is to rotate vehicles until they are off cooldown / you find a really good infantry fight.