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Wiki Team: Help Pages
« Topic Start: April 16, 2013, 12:06:08 AM »
We need to make sure the Help Category is properly fleshed out. These are the pages linked from within the game to provide assistance to the confused about said page.
Starting point:

Knowing which pages in the game lead to a help page will be useful in telling us what form of help we need to provide in a short-concise format.

Help Redirects to other page. I'm tempted to move the page it redirects to the help page and update all the links, but lower priority. First section is game page, second is wiki Help, third is where Help redirects to.
  • Adventurer.inventory.php, play-items.php, Adventurer.Gather.php, Adventurer.Selling.php, Adventurer.Buying.php -> Help:Items -> Adventurer/Items

Blank Help pages, high priority.
  • play.quests.php, Adventurer.Undead.php, Adventurer.Monsters.php, Adventurer.Investigate.php, play-adventure.php, Adventurer.Rest.php -> Help:Adventurer Actions
  • ShowFame.php -> Help:Fame

Needs cleaned up, medium to high priority
  • Rename.php - > Help:Actions (help image), Help:Name Changes (text link)
  • play-actions2.php, ChangeWorld.php, Bounty.php -> Help:Actions
  • play-paperwork.php -> Help:Paperwork
  • Allegiance.php, hierarchy.php -> Help:Hierarchy
  • MyGuilds.php -> Help:Guilds
  • Duel.php - > Help:Duels
  • PollVote.php -> Help:Referendum

  • SwitchClass2.php -> Help:Classes (probably needs reworked because it seems more manually than abiding by contextual help)
  • GuildVisit.php -> Help:Religion
  • Academy.php - > Help:Academy
  • Adventurer.ShowRecoms.php -> Help:Recommendations
  • play-orders.php, Abandon.php, DropExtras.php, ArrestAdventurer.php, BuyExtras.php, Entertainment.php -> Help:Orders
  • play-settings.php -> Help:Troop Settings

Game pages to check: All Commands, Advy Items Exchange, Loot, Takeover, Raze Fortifications, Appearance, Civil Work, Police Work, Hang Rebels, Dig In, Hunt Enemies, Forage Battlefield, Leave Wounded, and many more...
Didn't list game pages that don't have contextual help. Should this be? Should we consider applying contextual help to every (or just more) pages?

Can a moderator please sticky this thread?
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