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Re: Perdan vs Caligus+Friends
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Dont worry Perdan/or Westmoor has quite a few implants that are trying to hamper things in Caligus.  Its quite mysterious when character in Caligus that has another one in Westmoor or Perdan is very unresponsive and actually attempts to suggest a suicide attack.

If you suspect IC foul play, ban them. We had to ban at least two characters who did this in the last war, or shortly before it because we suspected them of feeding information to the enemy as well as the fact they refused to follow orders. One of them in fact ran one of the regions into the ground by setting the taxes so damned high that we had to divert forces in order to stabilise that region.

I dont think RPing another person's character is even allowed but so be it.  Its all part of Atanamirs politics which has got Perdan into this situation.  Too bad Perdan are too blind to see the big picture and will suffer for it as well as anyone who associates with them.