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Re: Perdan vs Caligus+Friends
« Reply #105: June 18, 2013, 03:20:06 PM »
I'd like to hear actually what the two have to say on this.

I agree, I neither think that the private OOC situation is of interest here.
I personally don't care about the relationship, I wish them all the best! :)

But if it's true, it obviously raises questions about IC behaviour for some people here and I think that might be very well a topic, since "we play this game together with good friends and on the same board", no?
That's why I (and obviously also other players) would like to hear what the two think about this.
You talk only about the relationship but players here are interested if it affects IG situations, that is understandable.
Nothing else is here of interest, at least for my part.

lol, well yeah, honestly, I don't care about it anyway.
If they want to talk about it, so be it, if not, so be it as well.
It just leaves a bad taste to it in the positions they occupy IC, but that might be only my personal opinion.
Then I might have to "change" their positions IC. ;)

I was going to call you out with several inappropriate swear words here, Atanamir, because the level of hypocrisy you show even within the same forum post is amazing. However, I think it is very, very easy: you are too connected with Perdan and that realm feels threatened and as a result you, as a player, feel threatened too, which causes you to try to dig up "dirt" on players that makes absolutely no sense. Do everyone a favour and read the quotes of yourself again and be quick to diagnose yourself with either schizophrenia or a serious case of hypocrisy - the latter being the factual matter. You say you are not interested in their personal situation, which is the correct idea - but then, even in the same forum post, you question their relationship to have ulterior IC motives that would affect the way they play their characters. Firstly, I think the rumours you spread about them being a couple are irrelevant. Secondly, I think they are just rumours without a grain of truth. Thirdly, it is ridiculous to assume that players cannot separate OOC from IC. I shall give as an example the fact that me and Lorgan are really, really good friends IRL for about a decade now - though when I look at how we play Battlemaster, you would often not notice it.

I strongly urge you to drop this entire matter and get over yourself. From what I can read in this thread alone you are just trying to invade someone's privacy when it is not at all your place to do so. Your passive aggressive approach of "I don't care, but I would like to see them say something about it because it may change their IC positions" resembles the tactic of a teenager who just got introduced to basic argumentation. You can do better than that - hell, you are better than that.
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