Author Topic: Perdan vs Caligus+Friends  (Read 14546 times)


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Re: Perdan vs Caligus+Friends
« Reply #90: June 08, 2013, 09:46:21 AM »
I mean it is whatever it a games not really worrying about it buy it kind annoys me to hear people trying to make reasons for things when the simple truth of the matter is that players will almost always will pick the team they believe will be the winners.

So true.

...and Perdan chose wrong. +9001 points to Caligus/Armonia/Eponllyn! Perdan tried to make a winning team by pitting the south against each other while OI and Westmoor distracted Sirion and Nivemus. It just blew up in Perdan's face in an epic manner.

It kind of annoys me to hear people whining about how others play the game when they themselves would have played it the exact same way.