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Re: Perdan vs Caligus+Friends
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What I dont get is that everyone talks about Perdans king did this and that to get other realms to be mad at Perdan which may or may not be true I am not going argue that point but the fact that nobles where mad at the King of Perdan does not make up for why Eponllyn would join an alliance with Armonia who was the realm in the first place was trying to destroy them?  To me it defies logic.  I would believe if a realm was being plotted against you why in the world would you join into an alliance with them?

I mean it is whatever it a games not really worrying about it buy it kind annoys me to hear people trying to make reasons for things when the simple truth of the matter is that players will almost always will pick the team they believe will be the winners.
The only thing I think this situation may happen is because of "enemy of my enemy is my friend". That said, if common enemy disappear, the friends may turn on each other. But that is my humble opinion only 8)
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