Author Topic: From the Depths - The story of Kleptes Bhranthan 'The Thief'  (Read 634 times)


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Kleptes is an outlaw from the Bhranthan family and a known criminal in Helhhir, his home region.
He is played as an adventurer but is not keen on traveling.
The man has an uncontrollable desire to steal and drink.
If he has stolen a valuable item he usually drinks its value in ale that same very night if its not already gambled away.
He rarely goes to hunt undead/monsters unless hes got no loot to sell from his robbing, pick pocketing and breaking in(gathering game mechanic).

He is cursed due to the hubristic nature of his father, who challenged a god to a competitive game.
Just like his brothers and sisters, an uncontrollable weakness drives him to most of his behavior.
this is also what caused Kleptes to be banned from the family.
He attempted to kill his mother when confronted with his repetitive stealing.

The local market in Ymer's Fall was well visited at the time Kleptes arived.
He had taken the journey from what he used to call his home in Helhhir by foot.
On the way he had to hunt for plaguing monstrosities that the locals informed him off.
Kleptes isn't a man of the sword, he didn't even have the psychical build for it.
Or at least so did his arched back imply.
He was out of supplies and had no silver to buy his ale.

The hunt had been fruitful and he was on his way to collect his bounties.
But the opportunities that unfolded here on this very market immediately dragged him from his initial mission to the local Master Bailiff.

Kleptes' dark eyes appeared underneath his large bristled eyebrows, twinkling.
He rubbed his fingers against each other as he quickly scanned the market, and then as if deeply enchanted Kleptes moves directly towards his target, the only thing he consciously sees.
It was a well dressed fat citizen.
There is so much fat on this mans bones, he wouldn't even notice if i took his belt.
He thought with a smirk grin on his face.

Skillfully, Kleptes bumped into the rich man and his skinny fingers reaching for the pouch while his other hand swiftly cuts it loose.
within a second it was done and the man looked at Kleptes anoyed for his rude clumsiness.
Kleptes apologized with a grin and disappears before anyone notices.

Hidden in a safe alley, Kleptes inspects his loot.
A beautiful topaz glittered in the sun.
Kleptes grinned from ear to ear with his eyes focused on the precious stone.

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