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Re: Inside the Medieval Mind
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Here are some more:

She-wolves: England's Early Queens (59 mins). The lives of Margaret of Anjou and Isabella of France. Two French-born queens of England.

The next ones are the full series of Weapons that Made Britain, where weapons master Mike Loades looks like he might actually kill someone while demonstrating how medieval people killed each other. Each episode is 48 mins.
The Sword
The Longbow
The Lance
The Shield

War Walks is a series by the late Professor Richard Holmes. Each episode runs for about 30 mins and deals with a different battle. This series ran for several years and covers everything from Waterloo to Dunkirk, so I'm only listing the links that deal with medieval battles here.
Battle of Hastings
Battle of Agincourt
Battle of Bosworth Field

Last in this lot of listings are a couple of episodes of a quirky little series called Time Commanders. This show used the Total War game engine to recreate historic battles while everything is overlooked by military history experts, including the slightly dangerous Mike Loades from the Weapons that Made Britain series. More a bit of fun, really, but an entertaining approach to the history. 45 mins each.
The Battle of Stamford Bridge
The Battle of Hastings