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Terran-D\'Hara Realm Merger

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Summary:Terran-D\'Hara Realm MergerViolation:"Realm mergers are illegal."World:DwilightComplainer:Colin KernAbout:Alaster
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   Summary: The leader of Terran has agreed to a friendly "realm merger" with D'Hara.

   A verbatim excerpt from a letter from Pierre von Genf:

      Grandmaster Alaster has accepted to transfer the regions of Terran to D'Hara if and when he believed that there were no actual chance of defending them.

--- End quote ---

   As of writing this, both non-capital regions of Terran had already switched their allegiances to D'Hara, indicating that the merger is being executed as planned.

   I believe that a plan to transfer the entirety of a realm voluntarily to another realm is essentially the definition of "realm merger". According to the "Rules and Policies" page on the wiki:

      Realm mergers are illegal. Realms may surrender to another, including annihilation of their lands, but they may not merge as equal entities on friendly terms.

--- End quote ---

   Which appears to be what is happening here. The letter goes on to state that the two realms intend to merge on friendly and pre-agreed upon terms; Terran is not "surrendering" to D'Hara.

For Magistrates reading, here's precedent, I think:,3486.30.html,3396.75.html

We've actually locked dustole for this before; it appears to be his go-to tactic.

This is a trickier case: it's not just one person switching the whole realm to another, as happened with Kabrinskia or Lurian splitoffs. Both lords switched on their own, albeit perhaps with a push (a push perhaps more by the allies than by Alaster). Maybe the lords would have switched anyways regardless of what Alaster may or may not have said... A good number of people would have.

Then, what's motivating everyone? The lords want to keep their titles, probably, and figure they have more chances to keep them in D'Hara than sticking around in Terran. Alaster probably just wants to spite Phantaria, or at least prevent the allies from using said regions against the theocracies. Pierre probably just wants to expand D'Hara. And a bunch of other actors involved in this would love to see Terran destroyed, one way or another, and peaceful (for the most part) is just easier.

This is not a case of realms joining as equals, though. Nothing will remain of Terran if this annexation goes through.

It's tricky from the perspective of the individual lords; the line between "region changing sides" and "realm changing sides" gets hard in very small realms.

At the same time, this seems pretty cut and dry. This is clearly a collaboration between Alaster and Pierre to merge the whole realm in in a friendly fashion.

When a couple of region lords can control whether a realm 'merges' it seems like begging an exercise in sophistry to try and parse the difference between a 'friendly merger' and 'the last lords jumping ship.'


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