Author Topic: Use of Rumour and personal information on irc, in forums, ingame and other places like skype and fac  (Read 16826 times)


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Thanks for unlocking the topic for comments Geronus. I assure everyone I am not just QQing but trying to be constructive in case something like this happens again and to send a message to deter further harassment.

I want to thank the magistrates for their time spent on this case.

I would like to say though that I am not sure it was enough. The defendant still has 2 Duke Margrave characters in Perdan so he wasn't stripped of all his positions and I'm sure everyone who plays BM will agree that Duke Margraves have a lot of power and influence over the politics of their realm. Losing rulership and keeping those positions isn't much of a punishment. Perdan are still pushing very harsh peace terms against my realm while leaving the other two realms that were at war with them virtually untouched. Before he was locked he eve felt the need to send me an OOC message trying to explain how what they were doing to me was for game balance, which really makes no sense to me and really not necessary if the terms were solely for IG reasons.

I know that I might be a bit biased because it is my realm getting screwed over, in 3 years of BM I haven't seen terms so demanding and that maybe I am being a bit paranoid but it feels like the campaign he launched has had an effect on my reputation and the reputation of my realm and it will last a lot longer than the 3 days he was locked for.

If we look at the increasing number of harassment cases then I think a very hard line needs to be taken to make people really think before going so far. I don't think that locking someone for 3 days really sends the message that harassment really will not be tolerated.

Of course maybe this is just because I am involved and other may disagree but I will quote someone from IRC to finish (someone who by the way is neutral) 'Multicheating gets your whole account locked, it's a shame violating the social contract isn't given the same importance.'