Author Topic: Use of Rumour and personal information on irc, in forums, ingame and other places like skype and fac  (Read 18386 times)

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You are correct you are not QQing, you are attempting now to push harder for punishment on a player/character who accepted his punishment and regrets what he has done. I have played with and against the umbar family since the umbar's first stepped off their ships and he keeps ooc and IG for the most part separate. I did not speak during his trial for it wasn't my place and I don't know the details of what truly occurred. Though it did get me to finally venture to IRC (interesting truly).

Your realm getting "Screwed" not because of some OOC reason they decided to act against a realm and strike out to attempt to gain lands and squash what realm destroyed Ibby. I would say the demands are steep, but no steeper than the betrayal that was brought to Perdan, 3v1.

Note* The other position was recently acquired, he did not have it prior to the 3 day lock.

Please Lock this thread no good out of it being open obviously can come from it being so.
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