Author Topic: Use of Rumour and personal information on irc, in forums, ingame and other places like skype and fac  (Read 17867 times)

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Reading that last answer, having read some posts IC, having read several messages on IRC, I realize that for some people, the punishment was unjust. For me, it was rather unfair. The punishment should have been greater for the damage done.
Accusing someone of being manipulating the game due to personal relationships, to convince other players to believe this lie, change the course of the game based on these allegations, it is serious and no matter what the punishment was, the damage is irreversible.
Siana has no more chance to promote themselves as a character. Laura will always be the one on which it is rumored that took advantage of a personal relationship to achieve results in the game.
Even if Alexandros wrote in big red letters that he was sorry it would not change. This is the big problem of baseless accusations: Once disseminated, can no longer be controlled. There will always be someone who will believe what was spoken.
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