Author Topic: Use of Rumour and personal information on irc, in forums, ingame and other places like skype and fac  (Read 18394 times)


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@Blue Star

No, whatever I say I don't think that the punishment will be changed in this case, like I said, it is for the community to decide if this is really the message we want to send to future cases.

He was meant to be stripped of positions for a month so even if he got it since it is still like the verdict was completely pointless and hasn't been enforced.

Also no, there was no OOC reason for 'betraying' Perdan. It was actually Perdan that first betrayed our realm by conspiring with Westmoor to get our previous Duke of Al Arab to secede. And your argument is slightly flawed as when you say it was betrayed by 3 realms yet it is only us that is losing so much.