Author Topic: Player Harassment and Creation of a Toxic Atmosphere  (Read 13158 times)

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I saw one of my character names and came to take a look, OCC wise that's exactly what I said yup, I believe also I asked if in anyway did that mean silver fire, ya know some words mean different things and truly it could, was curious.

Regarding harassment on my part, I was making a joke referring to the name one because of the butter rebellion and because Barad Falas history of having a white rabbit, but now having a Silver/White Owl (see banner). If I as a player can not make a joke then that is disturbingly wrong. In no way was this a assault on TH.

Though I must speak on Luthor part, also. I find it personally reasonable for him to say such. A scout report shows that a person was in the region... it does not show that a assassin assaulted another noble. Yes, we as players can believe that it is true and that is what really took place, but if you are not in the region and their is simply no report of the guards seeing someone, cause Escent is that good, then how do you know it happened? Truly a issue regarding Infiltrators visible or invisible. Without looking at it from the player's prospective how can you fathom that that is actually what happened?

Regarding the issue I believe Eirikr himself set up a thread regarding this issue and it is a in high contention, so I do not believe that needs to be brought up, then again it isn't my call. Just my 2 cent
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