Author Topic: Player Harassment and Creation of a Toxic Atmosphere  (Read 13150 times)


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I don't often post on the forums these days but since the case against myself I've obviously been checking them more of late.

 Firstly I'd just like to say that I've played with TH for many RL years now and in that time I've only ever known him to be a genuinely nice and understanding person on an OOC level and I'd certainly be disappointed to see him insulted on an OOC level. 

Some of the letters are pushing the boundaries but Atamara is not SMA. Also taking a step back I have to remind myself that the majority here are actually adults because seriously has this what BM has become?

That being said I'd have liked to see TH send an OOC letter stating that he felt the situation was becoming personal and would appreciate people backing off a little before filing a magistrates case as this situation could easily be avoided. A lot of flak Merlin is getting is because he did something cool but pushed the boundaries.  It's important to distinguish angry characters and angry players. This is the difficulty here.