Author Topic: Player Harassment and Creation of a Toxic Atmosphere  (Read 21073 times)


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I'd like to note that I tried to find some more of TH's OOC messages when he first founded Silnaria, with which I had hoped to show that he was a willing and eager participant in the conversation. For example, I'm pretty sure that he originally brought up the "game mechanic versus RP" argument himself. However, those messages are more than a month old now and have fallen off the queue. I am having trouble building a satisfactory defense for myself here, because TH waited almost exactly a month to cite my words against me.

It is fully possible for no single message to break a rule, and yet have a collection of a hundred such messages that is worth banning someone from the game.

If it's a hundred messages from a single player, sure. When it's one or two messages made by ten players each? Really?

Just as an example, due to a screw-up on my part, Ete City suffered some starvation recently. Quite many nobles noticed and called my Margrave out on the mistake. It was quite embarrassing for me as a player to handle, as my noble end up saying mea culpas for many days. If all those messages came from a single player, I might be filing a Magistrate case regarding harassment myself. However, it was just a bunch of different nobles having a completely natural reaction to something my noble did (or neglected to do).

That's pretty much what happened here. Again, I'd like to note that most of these messages from me are about a month old. I poked fun at Merlin for a bit and then I stopped. Jason's player recently unpaused and was not aware of the previous conversations in the League, as his noble was no longer a member of the guild. There is no continuous, malicious harassment going on here. Call it a "toxic atmosphere" if you must, but if a few OOC insults directed at a noble is grounds for a warning, then you had better warn most players in the game.
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