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Assuming we were to do something about this, what do people think should be done?

I'd say warnings, though Jason needs more. If I have to file a separate case for "Hammargays", I will. Considering his time in the game, former ruler status, and past warning, I don't see why he should get just a slap on the wrist again.

For example, I'm pretty sure that he originally brought up the "game mechanic versus RP" argument himself. However, those messages are more than a month old now and have fallen off the queue.
I know for certain that the first message of that sort (sent to the entire channel, at least) was from you. I thought it was very odd that it would suddenly appear, as I said in my reply:

Out-of-Character from Ravendon Eirikr   (16 days, 21 hours ago)
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Can we cut the OOC nonsense about game mechanics? Nothing has been done in conflict with them; Merlin has repeatedly provided several options for IC ways to deal with diplomacy.

You want to claim Silnaria is in rebellion to Coria? Fine. Do it IC. We'll contest that IC, of course. We have been providing communication establishing what happened... It is your choice to accept it or not.

The game mechanics are pointless without the RP context, and vice-versa. How would you explain Talerium's peace with Darka without RP? What do treaties mean without RP? Count communications between realms as garbage, too. They're not backed up by game mechanics, either.

Bugs are another story altogether. It's something you should be able to do, but can't. They are the rare case of an unknown result; you make up for it and the world keeps turning. In all other cases, the RP is just building off the existing game mechanic... If that's off base, then why are any of us bothering to play this game or send messages?
Sean Shaffer

This letter was sent after a few others had responded, but I was expressing confusion as to how we suddenly jumped to that logic.