Author Topic: Player Harassment and Creation of a Toxic Atmosphere  (Read 21074 times)


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I'd like to note that I tried to find some more of TH's OOC messages when he first founded Silnaria, with which I had hoped to show that he was a willing and eager participant in the conversation. For example, I'm pretty sure that he originally brought up the "game mechanic versus RP" argument himself.

That isn't true and you know it. The game mechanics vs rp that was thrown out was not by Silnaria, but the dumbest argument I've ever seen for OOC justification of IC behavior. When you have a fully adjustable option, sticking to one setting is not game mechanics trumping RP. There is a reason there is a button that says break alliance, declare war, etc, etc. In fact, here is the first letter mentioning game mechanics.

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Game mechanics trump RP. Anyway you look at it, CE and Tara are allied with Coria, and Silnaria is the one in rebellion here.

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