Author Topic: Player Harassment and Creation of a Toxic Atmosphere  (Read 20585 times)

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The messages I was referring to happened in the flurry of messages right after Merlin founded Silnaria. They've gone off the queue now, so I can't prove anything.

I remember TH writing an OOC message on the subject and me replying with, "Exactly, game mechanics trumps RP, so (some more words here)." This was a few days before my other message that you were referring to.
Could you please not imply that I am a liar? If you have proof that I'm lying, then please show it.

Do we archive the older messages somewhere?

Silnaria was founded exactly 32 days ago. Which means every message sent after its founding was available when I sent this case. The message that is quoted of you is from 18 days ago. If it was a day or two before this it should be available.

However, perhaps I'm mistaken. If you can let me know approximately how many days ago you think it was sent based upon the above information I am happy to look for it. I have archived copies of every message I have sent in the past 2 months, and have also archived all of the messages I have received in the past 2 months. I'll look for it within a decently sized span around any time frame you give me.

I do say though that I know I wasn't the one to start the whole "game mechanics vs RP" debate. I responded to it, yes. But I didn't start it. Perhaps whatever evidence you want me to find will prove myself wrong, but that is my remembered understanding.
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