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I have finally added my two cents; see the above post.

From where I stand, the situation on Atamara has been very tense and comes in waves of extremes, but each time the wave is worse. The problem is that everything seems to be circulating back into itself... those cited in this case are not the only ones to blame, though they are the ones relevant to TH's specific case. If you look in the Atamara forum, you can see posts from Darka, the CE, etc. going back and forth with unnecessary insults and attacks. Myself and others have tried to calm the situation down, but it's not been effective. Some have given up and resorted to "counter-trolling".

Sacha, I agree that the case appears weak, but I ask that the duration of this problem be given some thought. This is far from a new problem. Several players have expressed discomfort at the "jests" over the past months (if not years), yet nothing has changed. Those implicated (on both sides) have been playing for years; they know where the line is and have decided to walk right along it. This case will decide whether or not we want to encourage testing the boundaries or make everyone take a step back again. The Magistrates on this case are essentially deciding the difference between "laughing with you" and "laughing at you"... will barely hiding the behavior be consistently good enough to escape punishment?
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