Author Topic: Story: Courage Unending, the Fall of Richard  (Read 933 times)

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Story: Courage Unending, the Fall of Richard
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((OOC: This will come in several parts. Not /exactly/ a roleplay, but a pertinent story and it'll provide me with some needed closure to my favorite character, even if he is essentially reborn into a new one. I'll write more later. All input is appreciated and if you wish to work with me at all, I'd be more than happy. I'm a little cloudy on the history towards the end of ASI, as that's when I started tapering away originally... But here it is, the events of the battle which led to the disappearance, but not the death of, Richard the Courageous. ))

Part 1:

A mass of men surrounded the walls, the Ashlantean army on the defensive. Richard Silver, Count Yacon, known to many as Richard 'the Courageous' looked unusually troubled, and yet he walked along the walls of the fortification, rallying the spirits of his men and those of his friends. He himself commanded almost a hundred of the finest swordsmen known across Atamara. They had to be, as one of the primary forces of the High Serpaent Guard. He earned his position there, amongst the elite, and accepted only the finest men to fight alongside him. His honor demanded he be amongst the best.
Richard heaved a heavy sigh, away from the men so they could not hear him. The proud warrior turned to walk along the defensive line to look for his closest friends; it wasn't hard to find them. Keiichi, Sh'ki, two of the finest warriors he had ever met. But there were plenty more... Doc's Revenge joined them, this day, as did Malice and many others. All were a bit grim, not the usual jovial spirits that the band could gain on any day while together. They shared ale, as freely as they shared their thoughts before departing to make their final preparations for battle.

Keiichi, Sh'ki and Richard remained together for just awhile longer, just as they always did. The odds were rarely this bad against them, and yet they would never consider giving up without as much of a fight their bodies could muster.  And, Richard, admittedly, always had a bit of a soft spot for Keiichi -- the one area where he never possessed enough courage, and so she never really knew. So, then, they departed to rally their men one final time before the battle started. The enemy was approaching.

Richard returned quickly to his men, took a stance in front of them at the edge of the wall. "Men,  I am not one to wish others to be sent into needless peril, nor is our King nor are our marshals. We are here, of course, because we need to be. That lot... that little lot," He turned to gesture towards the massive force behind him, "Threatens us. They threaten our way of life, they threaten to TRY to diminish the value of good Ashlantean blood. Magnus be praised, Ashlantean blood will always be true. If it so happens that we do lose our land and our rights, Corvus protect us, our spirit will not die. They know this, and yet they still make their foolish attempts to bring us down. If they happen to succeed in the end, unlikely as it is, then the time will come where Magnus requires their judgment, and good Ashlantean blooded men and women will become once more the claws of Brusus."

He shakes his head. "Outnumbered as we are, they will likely turn to trickery to try to win the battle, while we rely on good courage, good men and good skill. It will likely be an attempt to demoralize us,  to make us think that Vulpes turned against us. I simply laugh at this gesture. Vulpes will protect us, their trickery will not succeed to the extent they wish. Look out there now, see them approach, like goats to the slaughter. We will instill in them the fear of Great Ashlantean arms, just as Lykos instilled fear in man and became mankind's enemy. They will weep for their mothers when they hear the sound of the wolves at night. I fear no wolf."

He puts his hand on the hilt of his sword. "There are times where I wonder, if an enemy is so vile that Lykos himself would rather side with us then aid them in the destruction of the servants of Magnus. Perhaps we will find out. We are here to do battle. We are here to uphold our oaths. I will not sit back and stand idle, that is not what I do. I am known for my courage, my skill, my ale and my ferocity. I will be there, fighting in the front lines, with good men and women at my sides and at my back, with only the enemy before me. Show them honor, make them flee, instill fear into their hearts, make them run. Show me your courage!  Be better than I! When this is all done, we may all go back to our families, but we must do so only if we stand steady. Now,  men... To arms!" With that, he draws his shortsword which rests above the longer one beneath it. It glimmers brightly in the sunlight, but even brighter yet was the fire in Richard's eyes. His men cheered; his allies cheered. A thunderous sound echoed from across the fortifications.

Richard knew his part, though. They moved to the gates and awaited the signal. They would be an advance part, with much of the rest of the High Serpant Guard, and other volunteers. The enemy would be soft and demoralized before they made it to the walls, if the Guard had anything to say about it.