Author Topic: Punishments in cases of harassment  (Read 6559 times)

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Re: Punishments in cases of harassment
« Topic Start: July 29, 2013, 09:51:49 PM »
What makes a week so much better than three days? This is a serious question. I would like opinions about the efficacy of locks as punishments and whether we need to add options for longer locks, or possibly replace the mechanic altogether.

A week is better than three days, because there are no game-mechanic downsides for a three-day lock. However, with a week long lock, you will lose all of your government and lordship positions. You won't be banned from them, but you will temporarily lose them due to inactivity. Can you regain them? Sure. But, it means that that particular character has enough trust from his realm-mates even following the punishment, to regain that position. In such a case, he would deserve to regain them.

If you are gone for three days, a lot can happen. Or, nothing can happen. I've been gone three days before and missed 200 messages. I've been gone three days and missed 10. A three day lock sends a message to a single player that their actions are something to reconsider. A week long lock sends a message to every player that interactions with that person's characters, that certain things aren't tolerated.

The question is, do you want just one person to change, or do you want to preemptively make sure abuses such as harassment don't occur in the future from others?
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