Author Topic: And the award for best heroic death goes to....  (Read 6768 times)


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OUCH!!  >_<
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Yeah.. Ouch. She looked so guilty that morning. I just had to laugh as she's a bit accident prone in real life too.

Now I'm thinking about it R'Guard Da Hadez death was a beautiful stroke of luck.

I'd been building a three-year story hidden across the rp's of three characters and numerous wiki entries, all the time evolving in line with in-game events. It was a bit like juggling cats but was going to plan.
But the end of the story pretty much required that I rp'ed R'Guard's death fighting undead at the foot of Darka's holy volcano.

The day he arrived there.. slain by an undead horde.


I think only one or maybe two people managed to piece together the whole story but the creation was enough fun in itself. The meat of it is still there in the Da Hadez family wiki pages if you read between the lines (and, literally, know your Norse mythology backwards).
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Rowan's death during the height of the war with Averoth was very memorable.


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Yeah that was a kick in the gut. It was a pretty cool way for him to go, but I was a little disappointed purely on the basis that Rowan was probably my all-time most successful and powerful character, and I wasn't entirely through having fun with all that.

Still, it was pretty dramatic.


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I consider my character Karim's hero death quite badass. Back on the old South-East Island during a battle in Sandalak city he was - literally - the last man standing on the walls before a storm of arrows killed him. Every other melee unit, both attacking and defending had been wiped out or routed during a particularly bloody fight on the walls in which two other heroes perished as well, a joint record that still stands to this day.


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Armstrong Ironsides dies in a duel with Malakai. There goes another legendary hero...

I suppose this is a good example of how those darned heroes just refuse to die in battle when you want them to, as I think Armstrong would much rather have gone down fighting in Fane's last stand. With the duel, I get the impression that he was just left standing in Oligarch's main square throwing out challenges until someone finally killed him. Did he manage to kill off anyone else before the end?

Oh well, Thomas has issued a posthumous pardon so that Armstrong can be entombed in his Sacred Order of Battle graveyard. Dead heroes are much better behaved than living ones, and the holy relics of Armstrong, Defender of the Crown, will be great for regional tourism  ;D


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Letter from Jaret Jaron   (9 hours, 51 minutes ago)
Message sent to everyone in the region Saradic (74 recipients)
Darka would like to thank CE and co for their generous offerings, the Holy Volcano will be filled up for days with all these offerings!

Till next time,
Jaret Jaron
Count of Maycxal
Battle in Saradic   (8 hours, 58 minutes ago)
Jaret Jaron, Count of Maycxal has been wounded by Svinfylka (31).
Jaret Jaron, Count of Maycxal has been killed by Legion I Lakota (18).

And I had just promised him Duchy. He was awesome character at Darka. Always pushing up hope and energy.

Not sure if this is best heroic death, but this one really hurted old KK'.

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Lol, and I usually dont send those taunts, and now Jaret is on  his way to the holy volcano, sad :'( didnt get duchy and didnt get legendary death. I will be back in Darka in a few months or so hopefully  ;D
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"Darka would like to thank CE and co for their generous offerings, the Holy Volcano will be filled up for days with all these offerings!"-Jaret Jaron's last words