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Thain sat in his cell patiently. He could be free with a word, his family had more than enough gold to pledge his ransom, but his mind was set. He had sent away his son Skarn with his sword Arken to go fight alongside Magnus, Skarn's twin brother. He heard foot steps coming down the hall, and when they stopped, he looked up with is one remaining eye, having lost the other decades prior while fighting Soliferum.

"Sir Thain Himoura, for your crimes against the Arcaean people and for your treason you are sentenced to die. Please, come with me." the man said, opening the cell. Thain followed him out and another guard moved to shackle the old priest.

"There is no need for that child. I won't try and escape. Were I of a mind to those wouldn't stop me anyway." Thain said, turning to the other man. "You are young child, but you lack courtesy. If my life is to end you could at least address me properly. I am the Seer Thain Greybeard, Slayer of Nefrentine. Titles of honor far above the trifles of Kings and Emperors." Thain gently reprimanded the man. "Lead on. "

Thain followed the man out of the dungeons and out into a square, where the gallows were waiting. Thain walked proudly, clad in the grey robes of an Order priest. He was lead onto the platform and the first man announced "Seer Thain Greybeard, Slayer of Nefrentine, you have been found guilty of treason, and are sentenced to hang until you are dead. Any final words?"

Thain nodded and stepped forward to the edge of the platform. He looked at the crowd, there were no small number of Order followers in the crowd.

"Odin once sacrificed himeself to himself, and hung himself upon the world tree. He hanged for nine days and nine nights, pierced upon his own spear. He did so for wisdom. The wisdom he gained is seen in everyday things around you. The blue of the sky, the green of the grass... Death did not stop Odin, nor will it ever stop any of his faithful. I go now, and I will feast and fight again with my father, with Stormrider Alpha, Valius Hendrix, the Prophet, and my wife. Do not mourn my passing, for I will return. All of us who enter Valhalla will return. Normally one enters Valhalla with a sword in hand and a cry in their throat. I enter Valhalla from a different battlefield. One you must now take to in my stead. The battle for our souls. For the lapdog Velax is but a puppet of Sartanian witchcraft and evil, who has subverted, perverted and polluted the noble cause started by Jenred Bedwyr and poisoned his dream of a noble Empire. I am going now, I shall see many of you soon." Thain said, walking towards the noose. As it was fastened around his neck, he sighed, looking towards the sky. His body ached, covered in numerous scars... As did his heart. He had longed to be reunited with his beloved for so long, the loss still felt as fresh as if it had happened the day before. "Deinarah..." he whispered, and the platform dropped out from beneath him. He fell and the rope went taut, snapping his neck cleanly, and Thain knew no more.
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