Author Topic: The Panther Claw Academy (in game learning centre for noobies/mediocres)  (Read 2145 times)


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Instead of redoing the same work over and over, why not use existing resources?

Because Allot of it is outdated, to much text and not specifically focussed on fallangard.
I did read some of those guides though.
I needed a short purley essential guide to the basics of troopleading for new players creating a new class 'below' troopleader that sees more travel and risk to train in practice.
This guarantees well educated and expirienced troopleaders who can  take responsibility for there tasks.

The uniqueness of this academy is that it will be the training machine through which everyone in the realm goes through. Tls or lords alime. An essential part of its society.
Think 1984 totalitarianism, the machine that makes the realm universal, one.
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