Author Topic: Can we improve the wiki?  (Read 15419 times)


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Can we improve the wiki?
« Topic Start: August 05, 2013, 04:25:04 PM »
So, we have the idea that maybe we can give people their Locals Board fix through a return to maybe using newspapers or what have you, but I think if that's going to have any traction the wiki needs to be adapted somewhat. At present, I would say it isn't as easy to find interesting content on the wiki as it could be. And there doesn't seem to be any way for us to obviously push the good content that will get people interested in frequenting and using the wiki more often. The wiki is probably fit for purpose if we just wanted it to be a static manual or aid to playing BattleMaster, but we also want to use it for changing in game content and world building and in that regard perhaps the experience could be improved.

Can we make it so that the wiki main page features some dynamic content alongside the static content? Could we get a list of new articles featured on the main page for example? (and emphasis on new articles by the way. Not recent changes that will flag up all the spam account creations or multiple changes to old articles or what have you). Additionally, could we have a featured articles section that gets changed every once in a while. I guess, essentially it would be a way to curate content and to emphasise the kind of articles we appreciate on the wiki. Could be good realm pages, good roleplay features, newspapers etc. The important thing though is that not only would these changes help create more of an audience for those who put the time into making new articles, but it gives people a reason to come back later to check for new content.

I don't know whether any of that is achievable at present with the current wiki version and extensions but I've had a little look and there are a couple of extensions that might be relevant to this:


As for the continuing plague of spam accounts, the list of new spam accounts in the recent changes log can regularly exceed double figures each day. Even if we deleted them as soon as they were created, you would then get a list of deleted accounts clogging up the log as well. Ideally that also can be reduced for a better experience, but if I recall correctly, we simply don't have the tools. I had a little look at things that might help with that as well, but it could be a hiding to nothing: