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Re: OOC comments insulting another player Case
« Reply #15: September 08, 2013, 02:36:06 AM »
And what you should be taking away from many of the posts responding to yours is that we disagree on this point. We think it was not that tame an insult.'re saying everybody agrees with me?  :P  Anaris, you keep trying to convince me that my opinion's not universally shared, as if you think I thought otherwise. This is, however, a forum where people debate and discuss ideas.

Furthermore, we know that Kai has a history of being belittling, derogatory, and insulting to other players, OOC.

That might be relevant for deciding on a penalty, but not for deciding whether or not his remarks were insulting.

First of all, if you read the post Geronus made, he wasn't talking directly about Kai. He was talking about future "people who have been an [email protected]#$%^& everywhere else, then had a Magistrates case raised against them."

Sure he was, just like Kevin was talking about some "future people who are terrible at the game and argue with both chars etc. etc."

Second of all, there's a big difference between saying to someone, "You are an [email protected]#$%^&," and describing someone's behaviour as being that of an [email protected]#$%^&. In this case, though perhaps his wording was injudicious, I saw him as using "being an [email protected]#$%^&" as shorthand for "being rude, insulting, demeaning, belittling, and in various other ways making the people around him miserable."

I totally agree. But I think it's dishonest to excuse Geronus and while condemning Kevin.

Finally, if you honestly think that Geronus's words rise to the level that deserve some sort of punishment, then report them to the moderators. Or open a Magistrates case against him.

Like I said, I'm not trying to get anyone in trouble, I'm pointing out the apparent double-standard here.