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Roleplaying Board Unlocked
« Topic Start: September 29, 2013, 09:18:25 PM »
The Roleplaying board is now also unlocked, but it is still important for everyone to follow the newly-clarified Forum Rules of Conduct, reproduced here for easy access:

  • Be respectful of other users. No insulting or derogatory behavior toward other players or forum users.
  • The moderators have complete editorial control and may delete or modify posts that violate these rules, or are judged inappropriate for the forum.
  • The forum is for discussing things about the game. In-game matters should only be discussed in the game.
  • Do not post in-game messages on the forum, other than posting your own Roleplays on the Roleplay board, or when appropriate as part of a Magistrate case. Players may post the roleplayed death of their character on the Roleplay boards without sending it in-game, since they cannot post it in-game.

Please abide by these rules when posting to the newly-reopened subforum, noting particularly the last of these rules in regards to roleplaying.
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