Author Topic: The assorted bits of Aldrakar Renodin's Life  (Read 30751 times)


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Re: The assorted bits of Aldrakar Renodin's Life
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A standalone RP where I tried to make Adrakar face and become more aware of the Food problems that seem to be everywhere across the continent.

Traps along the Road

Feeling the equine surge under him brought a fierce grin to his face. The beast emanated power, desire for speed and its hooves eagerly dug into the soil for traction. Clumps of dirt took flight behind them as beast and man powered over the chilled plains. A pair of pristine white rabbits looked on as Aldrakar rode his chestnut brown horse, they disliked the rumbling earth but were powerless to stop it.

Reins in hand and with the cold, almost biting winter winds on his face Aldrakar spied out a small brook that defied winter's grasp with its fast flowing rapids. It didn't look that wide, a few boulders lay on it's bed like they were tossed about by a careless giant. Aldrakar felt confident. Putting on a stern face he began the mental calculations and moreso preparation as he steered his mount towards the brook.

Steam was discarded in their wake as the both rider and beast were warm from exertion. Hooves braced themselves and momentum propelled them into the air. With outstretched legs the horse reached for the other side of the brook and Aldrakar knew a moment of awe, of dread, and they were over.

Standing on the far side of the brook Aldrakar halted his mount and made it turn about. He took in the sight of the brook once more, this time with more respect but also a suppressed feeling of conquest. His eye fell on something strange though and long before he discerned what it was he was looking at he knew its purpose.

A fishtrap. Turning his face to look up and down the brook he noticed several of them. Poaching.. this area is off limits for hunters. Aldrakar frowned and knew a moment of uncertainty as his thoughts warred with one another inside his head.

''They need the food, its only a few traps.. its winter time..'' Aldrakar quietly surmised for himself. As he nodded his ascent to himself, or the horse, who knows. Aldrakar brought the horse back into motion but this time for the way back. A long, meandering journey that saw little excitement but granted time for further contemplation.

Back at his roadside camp the soldiers were warmed up again, had eaten their fill of lunch and were getting a little bit too cheerful. Time to resume the march. Glancing back in the general direction of the brook with the fishtraps Aldrakar took the lead position in the column. They continued their travel to Garuck Udor and ultimately Girich, to deal with the monsters.