Author Topic: The assorted bits of Aldrakar Renodin's Life  (Read 30754 times)


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Re: The assorted bits of Aldrakar Renodin's Life
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Here I tried a different style of writing. It is about an Adventurer selling an unique item to Aldrakar. I try to make each such a meeting memorable with an RP. It deserves a bigger reward than just some gold in my opinion.

A fleeting moment

A brief exchange was had in the fields of Garuck Udor. Like the seeds of grass that defy the cold of ending winter and try to burst through the hard soil to reach for the sun. Like those seeds, so did a woman clad in a cloak of the Royal Rangers to a blond haired man on a chestnut brown horse.

The woman was petite in build and skittish like a doe, a fox would be a better description for she wove her way through the lines of men armed with swords. With the pre-dawn mists yet to be burned away by a rising sun in the east the woman almost like a ghost, made her way towards the mounted man.

He saw her coming towards him but only because of the surprised words of ''Hey!'' and ''Who goes there!'' from his soldiers. A beautiful young face stared up at the noble on horseback, his posture clearly indicating that he was surprised. Was it because of her beauty or because of why she came to him?

Their hands met as she reached up and he reached down. Gloved hands exchanging something other than a simple greeting. The cold wind made its presence know and with it its displeasure. Commoner and noble shouldn't linger in one another's presence and with that, their meeting was at an end.

As if instructed by the mighty wind herself, the soldiers separated the young Royal Ranger from their Liege and saw her on her way. The Liege however looked down at what he held in his hand, the gift that he was brought by the cloaked lady of the Rangers. A feather unlike any other, one that would astound even the most traveled of people. For in his hand, he now held, the Astonishing Feather.