Author Topic: The assorted bits of Aldrakar Renodin's Life  (Read 30757 times)


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Re: The assorted bits of Aldrakar Renodin's Life
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Below you will find one of my attempts to make something fun out of a chance meeting. Two nobles find themselves traveling through the same region and instead of maybe sending a letter I tried something else.

A messenger!

A rider approached the column of soldiers carrying the banner of the Lady of Girich. The man himself wore the Livery of the Lord of Aveston.

In neat order he rode up towards a respectable distance from the Lady of Girich, Sybilla Kildare. Once he arrived there he dismounted and proffered a proper bow in her general direction. Not taking too long to begin his address he spoke his words clearly and with an air of confidence.

''His Lordship the Imperial Marshal Aldrakar Renodin of Aveston offers you his kind regards in greeting and wishes you safe passage through Garuck Udor.'' The rider paused a moment as he tried to gauge the reaction of Lady Sybilla. ''May I take a message back to his Lordship, My Lady?''