Author Topic: The assorted bits of Aldrakar Renodin's Life  (Read 30749 times)


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Re: The assorted bits of Aldrakar Renodin's Life
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A battle between D'hara and Luria Nova in Moonbay, the D'harans landed with a force and were defeated by a small margin. I wrote this as both a means of a message and for fun.

At the end of battle

Recovering from the battle and with blood matting his hair thighly to his scalt Aldrakar leaned against one of the small grass covered mounts that shielded him from sight. The scene he hid from was the field of the death. Many corpses lay intermingled as they belonged to both D'hara and Luria alike. The plain upon which they lay now sported currents of blood, jagged ridges of kicked up earth and shallow graves of the fallen.

Catching his breath Aldrakar looked about him and found the survivors of his company. It truely were survivors for they had to retreat from the seeking arrows of the enemy. Some of the soldiers looked more like images from nightmares. Drenched in blood, covered in gore and riddled in cuts and scraps. Not to mention the lingering arrows that had bit deeply into shields or armor.

Aldrakar pushed away the curtain of blood soaked hair from his eyes with a mailed hand and begun to crawl to the top of the mount. His blond hair now more coppery or even brown but that only lended him more camouflage if anything. He gulped in a large chunk of air before he called out across the battlefield. ''D'harans!...'' His voice was loud and he was used to commanding men in battle but still it shook.

Swallowing hard Aldrakar continued. ''Many men died today. You fought well.'' He looked back at his men who in turn stared up at their commander. He moist his lips. ''You action was valiant, you tried to take the fight to your enemy. You do honor to yourselves.'' He clutched his heater shield and brought it close to his face as he still lay against the dirt. Crawling to the top of the hill he used the shield to protect his body and heaved himself up to a semi upright position.

The wind had not changed it demeanour and remained vengeful as it now started tugging at Aldrakar's hair and dark brown cloak. ''I am Aldrakar Renodin and offer you the curtesy of valor. Leave now and we shall not push you into the sea come dawn. Stay.. and join the fallen and know we will remember your shades as warriors.'' With these last words Aldrakar remained upright for a few heartbeats before he slumped back down the mount and behind the safety of cover.