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Re: The assorted bits of Aldrakar Renodin's Life
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I found an RP that I had saved on my PC before I ever send it out to people. It is about a battle between nobles and monsters in a rural province. We were stationed there and suddenly with the change of the turn monsters walked into our region hehe.

The Horde

Morning mist blanketed the gentle grasslands of the Dews, the locals referred to the land with that name. It was officially know as Mattan Dews but that name was hardly ever used by its inhabitants. The fog carried with it the moist of the previous evening and deposited it on every blade of grass it passed. With the first rays of sun illuminating the world the fields and flowing hills glistered like a thousand-thousand little pearls.

A weary guard stretched his arms as he yawned, the motion returning some feeling to his arms. He had been holding his shield on his arm for the better part of an hour now. The sun's slow rise on the horizon playing tricks on the guard's eyes. Something was moving over there. He squinted his eyes and peered out over into the distance. His breathing stopped for a moment, his eyes widened ''F...'' The single word softly uttered. ''Alarm! Monsters Incoming!'' He bellowed.

From the fresh dawn a small legion of monsters charged the campsite. Hulking forms of thick furred and sharp clawed abominations. They stood over one and a half man tall and the only thing more terrible then their appearance were the long shadows they cast. The shades mingled and blanketed everything in the early rays of dawn like vengeful sprites. The forward few of the monsters bearing horrific and gleeful expression upon their features, warm flesh lay ahead and their howls spread that news to their comrades.

The alarm call from the guard rippled through the camp of Aldrakar and men burst out of their tents ready to stand toe to toe with any foe. More than a few ''D'harans?!'' could be heard. Men wearing parts of their armor, carrying shields, swords and short fighting spears. Some just stood there in their linen shirts and breeches brandishing knifes. True soldiers each still though and even in partial gear they responded to the call to arms. A grizzled sergeant was one of the most decked out people around and he was rallying the troops into formation. As much formation as could be had though, this was soon becoming chaos.

Several of Lord Rafaello's riders mounted up and prepared a flanking charge and rode off with their long cavalry swords raised above their heads. Aldrakar was stopped at his tent's entrance by his faithful body servant who quite insistently and efficiently dressed him in leather armor which was usually used as padding for the heavier splint-mail he usually wore. Aldrakar's battle lust sank a bit as he realized the wisdom of his servant. Life before glory, the men are trained for this, let them do their job. He should reward the servant after the battle he decided.

Lord Ezra could be heard issuing orders to his own men. They were perhaps the first to respond to the danger in any meaningful way. Before ever Aldrakars men clashed with the hulking monsters did his men rain death upon the beasts of the dark. Javelins arched up into the sky and flew over the camp's defenses before they shredded the charging beasts. Howls of pain, rage and anger cut the morning quiet and threw the world into a plane of war and bloodshed. With the terrible dawn as witness the Monsters crashed through the defenses, skewering several of their number but more than not it did nothing. They smashed through and ripped the stakes out of the ground with ease.

Aldrakar felt his pulse quicken at the sight of the strength of the beasts and felt the icy hand of fear grab hold of his spine. Soft whispers from the shadows told him that death would be waiting for him on the other side. He shook his head and pulled himself free of his body servant. A glance sealed his intend and the servant let go of his lord. Striding towards the sergeant who was already directing a group to fend off the beasts the fingers of his right hand gripped the handle of his broadsword. The gift of Ranger Azerax. In a smooth and fluid motion Aldrakar unsheathed the blade. Small and bright flames erupted from the blade as the sword exposed it to the outside world.

Taking up position with his men Aldrakar stood in the front ranks with his men and glanced left and right exchanging nods and looks with his men. Lord Ezra's voice could be heard booming over the screams of the wounded, the roar of the monsters and the tearing of tents. ''Loose!'' A moment became a minute and then anguish, a wave of monsters recoiled from the sharp javelins that rooted them in place or grazed their flesh. ''Lord Aldrakar go now!'' Ezra shouted. Almost involuntarily his men and himself started to move. Slowly at first but as soon as they realized their feet were moving they let out a roar of defiance and charged like madmen.

Some short way away the riders of Lord Rafaello broke through a second wave of oncoming monsters. They smashed through and cleanly beheaded 2 of them before they rode on to reform themselves.

The swordsmen of Aldrakar crunched together with the lumbering monsters in among the ravaged tents and dancing shadows. Javelins flew left and right and that was not the only things that flew about. Hands, arms, legs, heads and even entire men were tossed into the air. Their limbs torn from their bodies, cries of despair filled the air as courage was exchanged for anger and discipline for rage.

The flames licked away from Aldrakar's broadsword and hacked into the beasts flesh with a sizzling sound. The arch of yellow flame clearly marking his presence on the battlefield. That made it twice as strange when suddenly the flaming sword vanished in the middle of 3 monsters who had charged him. A collective rush of men, steel and vigor rallied on Aldrakar's location.  Grunting and with a frenzy his men slashed and chopped their way to their lord. Lord Ezra moved his men closer in turn and continued the barrage. He himself seen launching a javelin into the tick of the fighting and taking a monster square in the left eye.

2 men drenched in blood and with wild looks burst out from the fighting dragging the kicking form of Aldrakar. His hair and face red as if dipped in liquid strawberry marmalade. His hand still gripping his broadsword. ''I'm fine! Let me go!'' the young Marshal kept repeating over and over. His men too loyal, too concerned and too absorbed in the battle-frenzy to pay him enough heed.

Depositing Aldrakar near Lord Ezra's line they charged back into the fight, howling for blood. Aldrakar got himself up after 2 attempts and discovered he had a nasty gash on his right thigh. He tried his weight on his right leg and it held but it hurt like fire. Snarling he made his way back to the fight but halfway he realized the fight was over. The monsters where retreating.

Blood and grime dripping off his armor Aldrakar looked about and saw the ruin that was the camp, the tired and ragged lines of Lord Ezra's men and his own men, over one third slain, another third wounded and the remaining exhausted.

With his radiant blue eyes he spied out Lord Ezra and held up his hand in gratitude and nodded into his direction. The remaining day was spend tending to the wounded. Cleaning the bodies out of the camp and restoring the camp to functionality. The monsters would be back, they all knew it and it drove them to work harder. Aldrakar's eye caught the form of his faithful body servant and made a mental note to gift the man a gold coin at supper as he noticed the tattered state of his leather armor.