Author Topic: The assorted bits of Aldrakar Renodin's Life  (Read 27532 times)


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Re: The assorted bits of Aldrakar Renodin's Life
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Another old RP dug up from a long''  lost word file! After being camped in one region for quite some time I reckoned it'd be good to write an RP about how a temporary camp grows and grows until its starting to become a more permanent settlement.

''Fort'' Gorthauth

It's been some time now since Aldrakar had set up camp in Thar Gortauth. The flimsy entrenchment and palisade had eventually been deepened out, grew in number and the palisade now enclosed the entire tent encampment more than twice. Several earth work defences had been erected with wooden stakes pointing outwards and the watchtowers had been properly fortified. The place started to look like a real fortified position. The dunes it was placed in made it look even more rugged and it definitely looked daunting to storm, uphill and through the trenches and spikes.

The camp not only grew more robust it also grew in size. Local people had of course made use of the opportunity to sell goods to the soldiers and frequently travelled from their farms, hamlets or villages to the camp with small carts of goods, heavy backpacks or basic sledges drawn by themselves or large dogs. Some soldiers had taken to providing for some camp followers but Aldrakar had been reluctant to allow it and as a result the camp followers were few in number.

Two areas just beyond the defences were arranged as training fields. One smaller where men could train with weights, logs really. Hold small practise duels and other things like it. The other was larger and was used for formation drills and mock battles. There was another training field but it wasn't much of a field. It was the beach itself. Perfect for long marches, rushing into the surf and practising repelling small craft borrowed from local fishermen and getting the men used to having salt slapped into their eyes by vicious ocean winds.

A proper wooden structure had risen in the center of the camp. It was made of rough logs but was a real building at least and no longer a tent dwelling. There was little space in it but it still held decent furniture, the same that would otherwise have graced his field tend. Aldrakar had been a prisoner for the last day or so in the small wooden building as he was writing letters like a true monastic priest. Stretching his arms and chest Aldrakar leaned back on his chair ''Ggrrrhmmmm.. was that the last of them?'' Aldrakar asked an 18 year old squire with confident dark brown eyes. ''There is just the one left from the mayor or Sulorta habor. He is worried at the low food stores of the village he says.'' The Squire reached the parchment containing the letter to Aldrakar who in turn took it and pretty much let it drop down onto the desk where it would.

He puffed out some air as he glanced over the letter from the Mayor and shook his head. ''You write the letter.'' Aldrakar looked at the squire. ''Make it sound like we are handling the situation and that he has little to worry about. Mind your wording and don't waste precious parchment.'' The last Aldrkar said while pointing a letter opener at the Squire pretending it was a sword. ''I'll be outside if you need me.'' With that Aldrakar rose from his seat and walked out of the stuffy room and into the spring winds that brought him much relief.

As he looked around himself he saw some soldiers bartering with a red faced merchant over some wineskins to his left. The soldiers obviously trying to haggle down the price but the merchant would have none of it. On the other side he saw several men digging new latrines, one of them he recognized as a frequent trouble maker. A good fighter but stubborn as a mule. Dumb as well probably, he'll learn eventually Aldrakar though.

He walked over to the training field just outside the camp and was greeted by the men he passed. The gate guards saluted properly and he smiled at them. ''As you were.'' Arriving at the training field he was greeted by the booming voice of his sergeant ''You are all worthless [email protected]#$s! Each and every one of you! If I had the prime choice of squid, jellyfish and shrimps instead of you boneless turds I would feel more confident about repelling the invaders than with any of you! At least they would disgust them too much to get near them!'' It was well known by now that the sergeant disliked sea foods almost as much as he disliked half hearted soldiers at training. Some of the men couldn't help grinning as they heard the sergeant shout his lungs out at them for they knew they did well and in crisp manner.

But as is the folly of any man or woman with a coach or trainer, as soon as they notice you showing contempt or that you could do more but don't they ruthlessly punish you. It was no different for Aldrakar's men, they were brutally punished for their cockiness and toiled under the direction of an unforgiving training all day. Their only shred of pride was that their Liege, Aldrakar, joined them in the training. The young man himself too proud to not participate. He was in fit condition and as many young men couldn't pass up the opportunity to show that he too could do what others could do.  It was a long day with little mercy, respite or kindness but the bonds of men and brothers grew if not at the cost of some bruises and litres of sweat.

The little people of Thar Gortauth cheered them on whenever they saw them for every day that Aldrakar and his men were around, more money they would earn.