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Re: The assorted bits of Aldrakar Renodin's Life
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A naval-esque RP I wrote of Aldrakar being on a ship that arrives at a port. Its always nice to write a description for people of the image you visualize in your mind when you imagine what is happening. I much enjoyed typing this RP and hope it does justice to the ambiance that I tried to portray. Have fun!

Port Nebel and the Tomb Islands

The wind was strong again today. It filled the stark white sails of the ship and pushed the vessel ever forwards. Onwards to the Tomb Islands. Where soon more graves would be added to the already fabled name. Standing on the forecastle with a single hand grasping one of the heavy rope lines Aldrakar accepted the salty spray of the ocean on his face as Port Nebel grew and grew before his eyes.

They had been at sea for days and provisions had been running low. A storm had trapped them and had used all its might to rob their ship of rigging. The ship had endured but looked a bit worse for wear, some ropes had snapped, there had been damage when beams were torn from the masts and more such incidents. The sun shone brightly today though and under its auspicious brilliance Aldrakar's ship entered the harbor of Port Nebel.

A great host of dock workers scurried along the impressive stone works of which the docks were comprised. Huge cranes picked up loads from round bellied merchant ships and deposited it again with keen precision. Carts rattled back and fro from the warehouses and many boys were running after officials recording cargoes and delivering errands. In the backdrop rising like a godfather watching over his crowd rose the Ducal Palace. It sat majestically atop a mountain that both provided security to the city and from its heart offered up minerals to the hard working miners that vanished from sight ever so often to descend into its darkness.

Port Nebel revealed itself to be a hub of business, of life and of war. Banners where fluttering in the wind, they littered the skyline and armed men and women cluttered the streets. Aldrakar listened to the sea gulls as they cried to one another. Some of them fought over fish remains, some for hot thermals to soar upon and yet some just to be bullies. He took in the vista of the city and tried to reconcile the ideas that for the coming weeks this foreign land would become the land where he would see many lives go to waste. Warring with this concept was the urging sense of duty he felt in his heart that steadily had to make room for a growing love he felt for a woman.

The sailors on the ship started to move about even more frantically as the captain began bellowing orders. Feet skittered over the freshly scrubbed deck. Ropes sang their croaking songs as they rebelled against iron rings and mallets drummed a beat as they fastened knots and wind directed the orchestra of music. All the while Aldrakar gazed out towards the city and tried to look beyond it. Somewhere beyond the strong stone walls of the city was the enemy. The thousands of enemies that wore the crest of D'hara. He clenched the rope with his hand as the ship slowly moored.

Gangplanks were thrown into place, heavy ropes cast to the shore and a troupe of officials gathered on the dock, ready to welcome the Imperial Marshal with letters. Always more letters and reports. ''Sire, we're ready.'' The familiar voice of his trusted sergeant found its way to his ears. The man had been with him for as long as he could remember. He felt a small tug on his collar and saw the sergeant's hand as he looked down. ''Crisp and clean sir. Looking good!'' The old sergeant said with a forest of crowfeet at the corners of his eyes as he smiled at Aldrakar. ''Thanks.'' Aldrakar replied earnestly but softly. ''Lets get off this ship and get us some proper food!'' He said as he turned towards a group of his men readying to disembark.

He was met with cheers naturally, ship rations were awful at best usually. Walking up towards the gangplank the noise of the harbor assaulted him but it worked soothingly. It told him that the twilight world of the ocean was behind him and that he would step into the real world once again. Whistles, roll calls, crates breaking, donkeys balking and men shouting. Aldrakar couldn't hear his boots stepping on the gangplank as he descended it. ''Morning M'Lordship!'' An eager man wearing the garb of a scribe greeted him. ''Lord Imperial Marshal! Reports from the captains!'' A second, stern looking man clad in battle harness hailed him. ''Lord Renodin! Lord Xerias sends his regards!'' A broad shouldered warrior called out to him. A dozen more like these blurred together as Aldrakar made landfall.

Straightening his back and calmly surveying the crowd of people calling for his attention Aldrakar waited for his aides to gather around him. With a motion of his hand he indicated them ''Address them and see your words received! Sergeant! On me!'' The wind assisted him as Aldrakar pushed through the crowd that started to part as soon as he had finished his sentence. Flanked by proud and eager soldiers and with the Sergeant just behind him on his right side Aldrakar made for the war camp. The place where all the nobles had stationed their soldiers.

The trip through the city was messy. It was a harbor city, they were always crowded. Filled with goods brought in from the sea and crammed with goods from the land to be shipped out. Several times his swordsmen had to clear the way ahead. Some of the roads were simply blocked. Too many carts had tried to get through and ultimately they had crashed together, spilling their content out onto the street and creating chaos.

People looked up and stared as Aldrakar's banner was carried through the city. Not only held it the crest of Aveston but also that of the Imperial Marshal. Word of his arrival would surely spread quickly both to friend and to foe. He himself had little mind of that though. He was dealing with people. Ordering commoners out of the way, trying to get to the mustering fields and having a quite hands on approach as to how to get things done.

His rich brown cloak hugged his shoulders snugly as the city released him from its clutches and he emerged at the mustering fields. A city of tents next to a city of stone, separated by a city wall. A large tent signified his destination. Not because he needed so much space but because it was Lurian Tradition to show grandeur. His sergeant deployed his own guard around the tent and intimidate area. Aldrakar began his first watch so to speak as he settled down inside the tent at a desk and began riffling through the heap of reports that awaited him there.

Warrior of the realm but only armed with a pen it seemed.